AcornHq is a service that enables you to plant a tree with others to help offset the carbon emissions associated with your iPod.

The Friendly iPod

Research around how much of a carbon footprint our iPods have is scarce. But Apple’s 2008 Environment Performance reports are a great start and show the environmental impact each iPod and iPhone model has.

Here are 5 things you can do to lessen the impact your iPod has on the environment. Consider these points:

1. Offset the carbon emitted

There are three key points in the life of your iPod that emit carbon. Firstly there are the emissions created in manufacturing your iPod and its packaging.

Then there are the emissions created transporting your iPod, from the manufacturing plant in China to you.

Lastly there are the emissions created from the ongoing power usage of your iPod when recharging. How your power is generated has a huge impact on the amount of carbon that is emitted. As you might imagine, there is a big difference between the power generated from a coal-burning power station compared to a wind farm.

2. Recycle

Apple have a great recycling program for their iPods – take advantage of it. Fill out a form on the Apple website and they’ll send you a free mailer to ship your iPod to Apple for recycling.

3. Accessorizing?

There are a number of great eco-friendly accessories for the iPod. From recycled cases to speakers that reuse your iPod packaging and solar power chargers. Head to Google and search for some of them.

4. Keep hold of your iPod for longer

Do you really need that new iPod? Why not wait a little longer? The less iPods produced means lower impact on our environment. Or if you really want a new iPod, why not give yours to a friend, or someone less fortunate than you?

5. Keep the pressure on

Apple have made some big commitments to responsible manufacturing and energy efficiency. Keep the pressure on Apple to meet and surpass their goals. Oh, and reward them when they do!