AcornHq is a service that enables you to plant a tree with others to help offset the carbon emissions associated with your iPod.



Using AcornHq will generate certain information that we may record, in the form of website statistics, etc. AcornHq will take precautions to ensure your information is kept confidential.

We will not share your information with any third party unless:

It is for the purposes of payment. Your payment is processed by PayPal and your information may be held by PayPal in accordance with their legal agreements.
We may be required by law to supply your personal information under a court order.
For the purposes of providing service to you or improving our services to you as we see fit.
You can request for your information to be deleted from AcornHq.


You cannot cancel your order. Once your tree has been planted, refunds cannot and will not be given. You can request for your information to be deleted from AcornHq.


AcornHq does not prescreen content submitted by users. You are responsible for the content you post to AcornHq and your activity on AcornHq. You may not post content to AcornHq that could be deemed as objectionable by AcornHq. AcornHq reserves the right to alter or delete your information or content posted to AcornHq but is under no obligation to do so.

You may not use AcornHq for any unlawful or unauthorised purpose or use. You must not hack AcornHq or create another website so as to falsely represent or associate with AcornHq. You must not copy, sell or resell AcornHq and/or it’s service without the written permission of AcornHq.

AcornHq may suspend your service at any time for any reason if we believe you to be in breach of this agreement.

You or any third party agree not to hold AcornHq liable for any loss or damage caused by your use of AcornHq or any matter relating to AcornHq.

AcornHq will provide access to our website but cannot guarantee uninterrupted, error-free service. AcornHq does not guarantee that the service will meet your needs or expectations.

Changes to this agreement

AcornHq reserves the right to alter, change, or discontinue the service, including this agreement and pricing, with or without notice at any time.

In the event AcornHq experiences a business transition this agreement and your information may be transferred to another company only when notice is given on AcornHq.

The contract including these terms and conditions shall be governed by New Zealand Law.